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SEO is a lot more complex than sprinkling a few keywords on a landing page and hoping for the best: it’s technical, it’s user experience, it’s content, it’s optimisation, it’s links and so much more.  The most important part of your SEO strategy is keeping up to date with Google’s ever changing algorithm updates and ranking factors – that’s where we come in.


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How Do Our SEO Services Work?

Our Birmingham SEO team firstly work with you to understand your pain points and identify your quick win opportunities.  From this understanding, we’ll then begin to address the following:

Understand the keywords your customers are using
Optimise your site for these terms
Outline any technical SEO errors on the site (prioritised based on importance)
Find ways to improve your online conversion rate
See what wins your competitors have had, from conversion to backlinks
Remove any low quality links through a disavow
Begin to build stronger links through a digital pr campaign and a range of other outreach methods.

We Love e-Commerce SEO

Whilst we’ve seen some great success with B2B clients, e-commerce websites are the bread and butter of our Birmingham SEO agency: from product reviews, to image optimisation and migration pieces.  We’ve worked with start-up e-commerce sites and global e-commerce sites to help build their SEO presence and drive revenue from organic traffic.

We find that product optimisation and information architecture is a great starting point for any e-commerce SEO strategy, as this allows your products to begin to get traction in Google, whilst ensuring the structure of the website makes logical sense to both Google and a user.

Why should you trust our SEO agency?

You’re right, there’s a lot of cowboys and time wasters in the SEO industry (we’ve experienced them too).  JellyBean have spoken at a number of high profile digital marketing events including BrightonSEO, SearchLove, SearchLeeds and the Internet Retailing Expo with even more planned.

Your account manager is available at the end of phone, via WhatsApp or email whenever you need them. We use Google Drive, so all documents we create will be in a shared folder for you to access whenever you need. 

Communication is key to our relationships, we want to be an extension of your digital team and for you to feel like we always have your back (because we do!).

Let's talk about SEO

Drop us a message to see what JellyBean can do to help your SEO strategy deliver sweet results.

In our experience, good SEO is a combined strategy which focuses on increasing your bottom line.  It isn’t keyword stuffing, building links on SEO directories or article spinning; it’s improving the overall user experience on the site, the conversion triggers, the optimisation and using pr to create fantastic link building opportunities.

How long’s a piece of string?!  Each keyword has their own competition level, so naturally those which are more competitive will be more difficult and take longer to achieve a higher ranking.

You also need to consider your SEO strategy as a whole. If you’re only focusing on one element, rather than a complete strategy which includes technical seo, conversion rate optimisation, outreach and more, again it’ll take you longer to achieve strong results.

Our Birmingham SEO Agency lives and breathes Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Data Studio.  Every client has access to their real-time Data Studio report, so you can easily see performance updates.  Our in-depth reports are provided in the first week of every month, breaking down what we’ve done, what’s been achieved and next steps. 

On top of this we use tools such as SEMRush, Screaming Frog and SEO Monitor (all the S’s) and we’re more than happy to pull you any data you need from these – just ask!

We want to be a part of your marketing team, meaning that we want all strategies to align… and this begins with communication.  The more we know about your business goals and plans, the more we can all work towards them together.

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